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Merseal, H. M., Patterson, J. D., Agnoli, S., Benedek, M., Chen, Q., Corazza, G. E., Forthmann, B., Karwowski, M., Kenett, Y. N., Miroshnik, K., Ovando-Tellez, M., Puente, R., Said-Metwaly, S., Volle, E., van Hell, J. G., & Beaty, R. E. (In prep). Automated creativity assessment around the world: Validating semantic distance across multiple languages.

Merseal, H. M., Link, A. Korenar, M., Beaty, R. E., & van Hell, J. G. (In prep). Linking semantic network structure to creativity in codeswitching bilinguals.

Beaty, R. E., Cortes, R. A., Merseal, H. M., Hardiman, M., & Green, A. (In prep). Brain network functional connectivity supporting scientific creative thinking.

Merseal, H. M., Beaty, R. E., Kenett, Y. N., Lloyd-Cox, J., de Manzano, Ö, & Norgaard, M. (Under review). Representing melodic relationships using network science. Preprint available at

Merseal, H. M., Luchini, S., Kenett, Y. N., Knudsen, K., Bilder, R. M., & Beaty, R. E. (Under review). Free association ability distinguishes highly creative artists from scientists: Findings from the Big C Project.

Merseal, H. M., Frieler, K., Weiss, D. J., & Beaty, R. E. (Under review). It don’t mean a thing (If it ain’t sequencing): Temporal constraints on melodic sequencing in jazz improvisation.


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Merseal, H. M. (2019). Be still in haste, for small orchestra. Score and parts available here.