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Papers and Projects


Under Review

Merseal, H. M., Frieler, K., Weiss, D. J., & Beaty, R. E. (Under review). Temporal constraints on melodic sequencing in jazz improvisation.


Eyre, H., Carnevale, S., Smith, E., Mannix, D., Chen, S., Berk, M., Abbott, R., Dawson, W., Edmonds, T., Jo-An Occhipinti, J., Moses-Eisenstein, M., Hynes, W., Kenett, Y. N., Merseal, H. M., Storch, E. A., Munir, D., Veron, F., Gilbert, B. J., Leboyer, M., … & Rosand, J. 7 steps for igniting the brain capital industrial strategy. Research paper no. 09.14.23. Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy, Houston, Texas.

Patterson, J. D., Merseal, H. M., Agnoli, S., Baas, M., Baker, B., Barbot, B., Benedek, M., Chen, Q., Corazza, G. E., Forthmann, B., Karwowski, M., Kreisberg-Nitzav, A., Kenett, Y. N., Link, A., Lubart, T., Mercier, M., Miroshnik, K., Ovando-Tellez, M., Primi, R.,  Puente-Diaz, R., Said-Metwaly, S., Stevenson, C., Volle, E., van Hell, J. G., & Beaty, R. E. (2023). Multilingual semantic distance: Automatic verbal creativity assessment in many languages. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.

Beaty, R. E., Cortes, R. A., Merseal, H. M., Hardiman, M. M., & Green, A. E. (2023). Brain networks for scientific creative thinking: Functional connectivity associated with the generation of original hypotheses. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.

Beaty, R. E., Merseal, H. M., & Zeitlen, D. C. (2023). Network neuroscience of domain-general and domain-specific creativity. In L. J. Ball & F. Vallée-Tourangeau (Eds.), Routledge International Handbook of Creative Cognition. Taylor & Francis. 

Merseal, H. M., Luchini, S., Kenett, Y. N., Knudsen, K., Bilder, R. M., & Beaty, R. E. (2023). Free association ability distinguishes highly creative artists from scientists: Findings from the Big C Project. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. 

Merseal, H. M., Beaty, R. E., Kenett, Y. N., Lloyd-Cox, J., de Manzano, Ö, & Norgaard, M. (2023). Representing melodic relationships using network science. Cognition, 233, 105362.

Merseal, H. M., Cortes, R. A., Cotter, K. N., & Beaty, R. E. (2022). Trends in translational creativity research: Introduction to the special issue. Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 8(1), 1-5.

Beaty, R. E., Frieler, K., Norgaard, M., Merseal, H. M., MacDonald, M. C., & Weiss, D. J. (2021). Spontaneous melodic productions of expert musicians contain sequencing biases seen in language production. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.


Hickey, P., Merseal, H. M., Patel, A. D., & Race, E. (2020). Memory in time: Neural tracking of low-frequency rhythm dynamically modulates memory formation. NeuroImage, 213(1), 1-13.

Merseal, H. M. (2019). Be still in haste, for small orchestra. Score and parts available here.

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