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Imaginator Academy

I am a Co-PI on the Creativity America initiative led by the Imaginator Academy seeking to measure the impact of creativity on workplace well-being and success. 

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Center for Language Science at Penn State

As an affiliate of the Penn State Center for Language Science, I have completed a number of science outreach activities. Here is a short explanation of the scientific study of creativity and an adapted Alternate Uses Task targeted towards a late-elementary to early-middle school audience. I have also contributed research articles to semesterly issues of Bilingualism Matters: "Virtual Language Learning in 2020: Challenges and Innovations" and "Using Networks to Understand Language Learning".

Sonophilia Foundation

As recipient of the Sonophilia Foundation's 2021 Summer Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scientists in Creativity Research, I worked with the Foundation as Scientist-in-Residence. We are writing a Creativity Factbook for dissemination to the broader public. Here is a link to an article and podcast episode about my research and work with Sonophilia. I was an invited speaker at Sonophilia's Cross-Atlantic Creativity Conference in Salzburg, Austria in April 2022.

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