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Sonophilia Foundation

As recipient of the Sonophilia Foundation's 2021 Summer Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scientists in Creativity Research, I have been working with the Foundation as Scientist-in-Residence. We are writing a Creativity Factbook for dissemination to the broader public. Here is a link to an article and podcast episode about my research and work with Sonophilia. I was an invited speaker at Sonophilia's Cross-Atlantic Creativity Conference in Salzburg, Austria in April 2022.

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Imaginator Academy

I am a Co-PI on the National Courageous Imagination Survey, a census of workforce creativity, culture, and well-being. With this effort, I am collaborating with CU Denver and the Imaginator Academy on outreach to networks of labor organizations who can harness our data in interventions.

Center for Language Science at Penn State

As an affiliate of the Penn State Center for Language Science, I have completed a number of science outreach activities. Here is a short explanation of the scientific study of creativity and an adapted Alternate Uses Task targeted towards a late-elementary to early-middle school audience. I also collaborated on a special issue of "Bilingualism Matters" revolving around the theme of online language learning, contributing a research article, "Virtual Language Learning in 2020: Challenges and Innovations".

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I am working with ootiboo, a new arts intervention program for primary school children, to conduct a longitudinal study on creativity development in middle childhood. We are partnering with CREA to develop equitable game-based assessments for these students.

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